2024 Board of Directors

President - Paula (Zina) Seaberg

Paula has been a part of the Divide for over 30 years raising a family of 5 kids with her then husband. During the school years 3 were actively in sports almost year-round. She helped coached little league for over 8 years and assisted in all aspect’s both in baseball and basketball as well as thru the high school years. She worked with groups of parents on many fundraisers over the years. Being part of something bigger than herself in the community sense was always something she loved. Paula worked full time in the manufacturing industry for 30+ years.

In 2004 this self-taught business owner with no college degree started her own distributing business in the high-tech diamond tool industry from home by reading a book “Small Time Operator” cover to cover following each step over the course of a few years.  

She supported her husband in his contractor business by teaching herself how to do payroll long hand, 1099, W2 and contractor license checking. Starting her own business in 2008 came much easier and was done initially without a computer but not for long. She was proud over the years to always employ 1-2 people in the 16-1/2 years of owning her business before selling in November 2019 to one of her competitors who then hired her.

During that time 2 of her children had worked with her and later all five were onto their own successful careers.

Being an empty nester, Paula looked for an opportunity to give back to the community. When she heard a seat was opened on the Divide Chamber of Commerce board, she immediately let them know she was interested. She was excited about being picked to volunteer as the Secretary of the Divide Chamber board for the past 2 years before being nominated as the President for 2024 and looks forward to working with the amazing group of board leaders.

Vice President - Leah Ann Zogg

Leah Ann has been living on the Divide since 1999 and has always been a big supporter of our community.  She has enjoyed the last 20 years as co-owner of Sierra Benefit Solutions, a Health Insurance Agency, located in Pilot Hill, CA.  Their agency prides themselves on the personalized customer service they offer their clients.  She works on benefit programs that meet the needs of both the employer and employee for companies of all sizes and industries in various states.  She also works with individuals to help them find the best medical, dental, vision, life, Medicare or Covered California plans to meet their needs.  They differentiate themselves from other agencies by the personalized, tailored services they provide – at no cost to you.

When she’s not helping people through the insurance maze, she loves spending time with her family and friends.  Her weekends consist of local and destination runs, hiking, wine tasting and culinary events.  She loves to cook and eat which is why she runs – lol.

She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and is also a member of the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce.  Her goal with the Divide Chamber of Commerce is to help local businesses grow and prosper and to support the community in any positive way that she can.

Treasurer - Sol Nisbet

Sol has lived on the Divide since 2001. She graduated from U.C. Davis with a degree in Sociology and founded Sol Nisbet Home Loans in 2020. She has a solid reputation in the home loan business and loves to help people achieve the “American Dream” of homeownership. Currently, she lives in Georgetown and is proud to have raised four kids with her husband Josh.

She has been recognized multiple times as a volunteer who has made significant contributions to the Divide community. In 2018, El Dorado County Board of Supervisor Michael Ranalli selected her to receive the first annual El Dorado County District Four Volunteer of the Year Award. Additionally, in 2019 she received the prestigious El Dorado County School Boards Association – Outstanding Community Member Award.

Her roots in the Chamber date back to 2007 when she and a group of four people revitalized the Divide Chamber of Commerce. Sol served as Chamber President from 2016 to 2017. During her tenure, she started the popular Christmas in Cool event and the Golden Sierra High School Internship program. Her passion for community and business is evident thru her participation in the current following organizations: El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce; Divide Chamber of Commerce; Divide Ready By 21; Mental Health on the Hill; Marshall Foundation for Community Health; Divide for the Kids; and founder of Christmas in Cool.

In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family, friends, read, camp, cook, play soccer, run/hike and dance. She is honored to call the Divide her home.

Secretary - Kris Patenaude

Kris has lived on the Divide since 1999 and loves this community. She has a degree in Biology and has worked in the medical field for over 30 years. Five years ago, she started her doTERRA business, which opened a whole new way to serve people with health and wellness education and products. Kris enjoys working at Cool Physical Therapy and being a part of Journey to the Heart’s Women’s Program in Georgetown. 

Kris and her husband Paul raised 3 beautiful kids here and never imagined how blessed we’d be by living on the Divide! They currently host Cove Campground in Lotus and enjoy spending time at the river and hiking the local trails. As a youth, Kris showed horses and after having a family taught her kids how to ride. She and her oldest daughter spent a few years giving horseback riding lessons to kids in Cool. They both still have a passion for working with horses! Kris was blessed to teach horse care and riding lessons at Chapel Bell Equestrian Center a couple years back. As much as she is passionate about horses and animals, Kris really enjoys helping humans to develop, reach and maintain their health goals.

Along with hiking the local trails and being at the river, she enjoys volunteering at local horse events along with her Essential Oil Equine Team, teaching essential oil classes and parties, and relaxing with her husband. Kris looks forward to serving as a Chamber Board Member and continuing her passion for helping people and serving the community.

Director - Darlene Duco

Darlene has 30 years of experience as a health insurance broker and has enjoyed the last 19 years as co-owner of Sierra Benefit Solutions, a Health Insurance Agency, located in Pilot Hill, CA. The agency prides themselves on designing and implementing ACA compliant benefit programs that meet the needs of both the employer and employee for companies of all sizes and industries in various states. The agency also works with individuals to help them find the best medical, dental, vision, life, Medicare or Covered California plans to meet their needs. The agency provides customized services all at no cost to you. She has a degree in Business Management, and she continues to do educational training for her health insurance license. Darlene is also a member of the El Dorado Chamber of Commerce.  

When she’s not helping people through the insurance maze or attending Chamber meetings and events, she loves spending time with her husband of over 25 years, Ed, and their two children Max and Zoe. Her time is spent between soccer, tennis, hiking, traveling and gathering with friends and family. She also enjoys the occasional 5k or 10k race (the "enjoy" part comes when the race is over!).

Director - Tom Mendes

Tom Mendes, owner of LOKL General Store in Cool.  He along with his wife and two kids moved here in January 2021 from Napa.  He worked for 10 years in the wine industry and my wife is a full-time interior designer.  They have a 2-acre parcel where they garden and farm for themselves and the store. Tom and his family have goats and chickens, breeding our goats and using our chickens for their eggs.  They have a passion for locally produced organic, simple foods.  When they took over LOKL in March of 2022, at the time is was a small craft/farm store. They had bigger plans for the well-established store and wanted to grow it into a destination both for locals as well as tourists passing through the area. A place where they could get both locally sourced products made by members of the community, as well as natural and organic foods that we brought in, as a better, cleaner option to those they may find elsewhere.  Today you can find everything from raw milk, locally grown meat, homemade bread to bulk grains, homemade candles and refill your basic household goods in our refillery. You can bring your own container/s or purchase one from the store.

As a local business they have tried to give back to the community often. Christmas of 2022, they had a toy donation drive, which went to local kids on the divide. The Lokl store are yearly sponsors of the Divide Little League; and also have a community fund at the store so those in need can shop on us.

They joined The Divide Chamber in 2023 as a means to be more involved with the community and the other businesses on the divide. They are excited for this new chapter in helping local businesses grow and come together to do great things for this very special community who has supported them.

Director - Annette Gregg

Annette has lived on the Divide since 2003 with Husband Scott and their four children, Jessica, Russell (Rusty) Hannah and Daniel.  She has a two-acre horse property in ALT and kept busy with up to three horses, two dogs, various cats...and of course the kids...Most of the 2003-2016 were spent at horse competitions, and golf competitions, pet sitting business (a member of the Chamber) while homeschooling them. All the time knowing that she wanted to dive into a career in real estate once the kids were all off to college!  So, in 2016 she joined Keller Williams and got her license.  After two years she started the Divide Realty Group with Sol Nesbit. In those years to now the group has grown to 72 members on email and Facebook.  With two Broker tours monthly to keep all of the local agents and affiliates informed of current listings.

Annette had another goal...To open her own office in Cool and crate a hub for community service at the same time.  Annette accomplished her goal in 2021 opening her Cool Land and Homes office in April of that yr. Now with Crystal Miller as her in-house lender, and other agents in the office as well...She is thriving and living her dream!!

Annette is actively involved with Divide Chamber of Commerce, Cool Charities, Run Hunger off the Divide Event, Angel Tree Family Donations, GSHS Resource Center and Family Nights, Raffle Queen, Greenwood Food Closet

Divide Realty Group, TGIF Dinner Club President (just for fun), Eldorado County Association of Realtors, and Leadership Committee. Annettes hobbies are Tai Chi, Golf, Swimming, Back packing, walking with friends....

Director - Sara Norman

Sara, a resident of the Divide since 2009, is a devoted wife and a proud mother of three. Actively engaged in her children's sports activities, she also served as the treasurer on the Golden Sierra Jr. Grizzly board for three years.

With a passion for crafting and creating gifts, Sara founded Mountain Momma Custom Designs in 2017. Adding a laser engraver to her toolkit opened doors to exciting opportunities, from collaborating with local businesses for client gifts, marketing swag, to stocking unique merchandise in local stores. She now hosts craft workshops in local restaurants, bringing the joy of crafting to the community.

Eager to deepen her community connections, Sara is thrilled to join the Divide Chamber of Commerce board. She looks forward to meeting more community members, fostering collaborations, and contributing to the community's growth.

Director - Rita Burke

In 1997, Rita made her move to the Divide, captivated by the close-knit community and the picturesque surroundings. As she raised her three children and found love with her life partner, she was blessed with the addition of two more kids, a source of immense pride in her cherished family journey. Rita has always had a passion for helping others succeed, unafraid of the hard work it entails.

Her journey in the community she calls home has been nothing short of a blessing. With 30 years of experience, she served on the management team at the local market before embarking on her dream career in Real Estate. Remaining an integral part of the community, Rita takes joy in assisting individuals in finding their dream homes and facilitating the sale of properties as they embark on new journeys.

Being a member of the Divide Chamber of Commerce allows her to stay actively involved, providing support to anyone striving for success. Originally from the city of Sacramento, Rita's adventure turned into a place she proudly calls home.

Director - Melissa Navarro

Melissa moved to the Divide when she started her new company, New Start SLS, in 2010. She works throughout the Divide and in 5 additional counties in the area providing mentoring and support to adults with developmental disabilities. Her daughter, Destiny, graduated from Golden Sierra High School in 2017 and is now a business owner in Nevada County. 

Melissa is well rounded and has a ton of knowledge in so many different business areas. She currently is a landlord with homes in the Divide as well as in Sutter County. She has owned and managed several businesses throughout California. Most of the businesses that she was involved with are engaged in helping people, whether it’s supporting people in a group home, allowing adults with disabilities to live independently, or working for crisis centers.

She has been a resource for the Alta California Regional Center’ and other regional centers to train new service providers, assist with training and communication, and to provide emergency placements. She is an acknowledged leader in the developmental services community. Melissa is also active in the local Divide networking group, working with other local business owners to improve the quality of life in the Divide by providing better services and lasting business success. 

Melissa is currently serving as treasurer of the VFW Auxiliary and has helped them to make organizational and fundraising changes which have given them financial stability and the opportunity to provide better services. 

Past Presidents

Kathy Fargo - 2021-2023

Zorana Valles - 2019-2020

Tommy Basham - 2018

Sol Nisbet - 2016-2017

Linnea Marenco - 2014-2015

Stina McDaniel - 2013

Ken Calhoon - 2012

Cathy Sarmento - 2011

Al Manard - 2007-2010